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How to accurately check candidate's competences? Invite them to fill in an on-line analytical test!

We create unique test questions relating to the actual business of your company.

Analytical tests are becoming increasingly popular in recruitment, driving out standard intelligence tests. They are modern tools allowing you to determine how data is interpreted, often utilising a combination of written and statistical information presented in reports and charts. This kind of psychometric tests can also be used to assess the basic mathematical skills of a candidate. They also show the pace at which the candidate is able to do calculations.

The standard test questions available on the market are universal and do not take into account the specific nature of individual organisations. The questions provided by us contain many interesting and useful pieces of information relating to the actual business of your company. Already at the recruitment stage, we can introduce the candidate to the world of your organisation and check how they would cope in their future job. 

You can use the analytical test in all recruitment processes in which you look for analytical competences, especially in areas such as:
Data Analysis
Research & Development
Project Management
Risk Assessment

How does the analytical test work?

The candidate receives a link to an on-line analytical test. The candidate has 30 minutes to complete the test. The test consists of 20 tasks which are automatically matched to the level of skills of a given candidate from a pool of 150 questions.

The test measures the following skills:

  • analysis and interpretation of graphs, diagrams and other forms of presentation of numerical data;
  • comparing and determining dependencies between data;
  • assessment whether a given argument is correct based on presented numerical data;
  • identifying key data for the assessment of an argument;
  • estimating future results (trends) based on presented numerical data.

What makes our tests reliable?

IRT technology, which allows analysing the candidate’s behaviour in relation to a specific test task rather than the entire test, thanks to which the candidate receives tasks adjusted to their level, which in turn allows a very precise analysis of intensification of competences and applying tests both in juniors and higher-level positions. The average difficulty of all items is 0.55. The reliability of our test is confirmed by the Cronbach’s alpha coefficient, with the result of 0.81 for the analytical test. All content-related works are supervised by Prof. Michał Chruszczewski, Ph.D., from the University of Warsaw.
Automatically generated reports
 for the recruiter and for the candidate.
Polish standardisation group
 5,500 people divided by age, education, faculty, job position, professional experience.
Match with the external Pearson’s test
0.586 (correlation);
p-value <.001 (statistical significance).
The reliability of our test
 is confirmed by the Cronbach’s alpha coefficient, with the result of 0.81 for this test.

Ensure positive Candidate Experience

Both the positive candidate experience and employer branding are built already at the stage of recruitment. By providing psychometric tests, we make sure that your candidates are familiar with your brand right from the start. According to your preferences, we can include the logo of the organisation, provide consistent corporate identity in line with your handbook, and adjust all tasks to the specific nature of your company.

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Work within one system
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Automate processes and reduce recruitment time
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Guarantee of data security
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Quick view of test results

Process automation is the basis of today’s recruitment, especially in the age of on-line recruitment. In order to satisfy the needs of HR departments, we have become an eRecruiter Partner in the area of recruitment tests. How can you benefit from it?

Just choose the stage of recruitment with assigned automatic sending of recruitment tests, and within 10 minutes your candidate will receive an e-mail with an invitation to the test. The test result will appear in the eRecruiter note.

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